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One of my go to coral spots! It's actually #1 on my list, unless I'm looking for something specific that's not available on their site. Almost always, their corals are priced way lower than my other spots and often still have more polyps (or are bigger).What REALLY earns my loyalty though, is the amazing customer service... they put a personal touch on their transactions and make it obvious that they really care about their customers as much as their corals!I am the type that will pay the extra money for the spot with better customer care; I pay less for better treatment at coralsanonymous.com... wtf

David E.


Coral anonymous is a great place to shop unique corals with great price and customer service. I have been a customer since Etsy times.

Wallace L.


Excellent coral selection and prices! Selection is updated frequently with great corals to choose from. Customer service is great and Hilary has always been excellent to deal with. If you are wondering if you should order from them, the answer is yes!

Justin G.


The shipping time was faster than Spanish music lol. The packaging was incredible. I’m pleased with the anemones I ordered and I’m looking to order more in the next couple of days .. thanks for quality

Ramidali B.


Always super responsive and everything always arrives healthy!

Heather F.


Good morning! I received my first order from you a few days ago and all was great! Corals were well packed, healthy, and started putting on color immediately when they went in my tank. Will definitely order again!

Amy A.


My first order from this place was nothing short of excellent. I accidentally ordered 2 of the same candy cane coral and an employee sent me a message saying:Hi josh,This is Russ from corals anonymous reaching out to you in regard to your order. We noticed you ordered two double headed pin wheel candy cane, unfortunately we only have one left. Would you be interested in having another double polyp blue green candy cane instead? Talk to you soon.I had meant to order one of each so this worked out in my benefit. However they were very responsive and took great care of my order. Once the order arrived, each piece was separately packed in its own specimen cup, in double bags, inside an insulated box, with heat packs. All of the corals arrived in Indiana alive and quickly acclimated. I will most certainly be ordering from this site again. Top notch work

Josh S.

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We are Corals Anonymous, a treasure cove for all salt water hobbyist dealing the most addictive stuff! We always dedicate ourselves to providing high quality corals and anemone! 

We source from unique and rare selections around the world and always provide the best deals for our fellow brothers and sisters who can't get enough of the reefer-high!

Contact with questions and thoughts at happyreefing@coralsanonymous.com