Dead on Arrival Policy and Shipping Protection Info

We Got You Covered!

Is your item Dead On Arrival? We'll take care of you! DOA must be reported with 4 hours of confirmed UPS/FedEx delivery time.

1. Take a clear picture of the box and all sides.
2. Send a short video of you opening the box and unboxing the items. Clearly display all contents.

Videos are required for all fish, seahorse, and invert DOA.

You may qualify for store credit.


  • Please note that for local pickups all purchases are final and we are unable to offer DOA credit, refunds, returns, or exchanges. 
  • Please note that all missing items / damaged items must be reported within 24 hours of delivery to be taken into consideration.
  • We are not responsible for any UPS/FedEx delays, damages, or mishandlings. However, if you purchased Shipping Protection for your order, you are eligible to receive DOA Store Credit. 
  • Store credit is given for qualified items. We do not issue refunds or replacements.
  • Shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • Corals Anonymous reserves the right to void DOA Guarantee IF:
    • livestock is discarded before being verified or
    • we are not contacted within the 4 hour DOA timeframe.
  • Orders purchased with store credit will not be replaced or refunded. 
  • All purchases assume the customer has at least intermediate to advanced reefing experience.
  • We are not responsible for any errors in acclimation or general care (over or under lighting, water flow, water parameters, temperature, or inter species coral aggression).
  • Please note that we do our best to maintain 100% accuracy when removing pest and hitchhikers but there is a possibility that some may be found in macroalgae despite our best efforts to remove them
  • If your order is delayed, damaged, or leaking you are still required to receive it. DO NOT refuse shipment. Do NOT return it as shipping and packing livestock is a complex process. We do NOT accept returns.
  • The shipping address must be the final destination. If your order is "forwarded" to a different address than the one on the order, the guarantee will be void. 
  • Orders arrived "late" but on the intended delivery date are not considered delayed.
  • Orders that are reported to be lost, misdelivered, or stolen despite Proof of Delivery by UPS or FedEx, are NOT covered by Corals Anonymous' DOA policy or Shipping Protection. Customers must reach out to UPS or FedEx to start a claim for "Lost Package." Corals Anonymous may provide assistance in providing information needed for claims. If for any reason, UPS or FedEx award a claim reimbursement to Corals Anonymous directly, no more than the amount provided in the claim reimbursement will be granted as a refund.
  • Please refer to the links below to start a claim:
    UPS: FedEx:


    Shipping Protection

    Secure Your Shipment with Shipping Protection

    Opting for Shipping Protection means that your order is safeguarded against potential mechanical or weather-related delays, as well as any package damage that might occur while in the hands of the shipping company.

    Why Choose Shipping Protection?

    • Worry-Free Transit: Unforeseen delays and accidents can happen during shipping. Shipping Protection ensures that you're covered, so you can enjoy a worry-free shopping experience.
    • Added Assurance: When you choose Shipping Protection, you're investing in added assurance that your order will be delivered intact and on time, regardless of external factors.
    • Effortless Claims: In the rare event that a delay or damage does occur, our streamlined claims process makes it easy for you to get the resolution you deserve.

    Please note that by opting out of Shipping Protection, Corals Anonymous cannot be held responsible for potential delays or damage that might occur during transit. Store credit will not be provided for those that opt out.

    Additionally, Shipping Protection cannot be canceled or refunded starting 8 am (PST) on the day your order is to ship out.

    We encourage you to consider this option to ensure the best possible delivery experience for your order. 

    Shipping Protection Claims Instructions

    The Dead on Arrival Policy is still applicable to Shipping Protection. A clear picture/video within 4 hours of UPS/FedEx confirmed delivery time is required

    Please email us with your name and order number. 

    1. Take a clear picture of the box and all sides.
    2. Send a short video of you opening the box and unboxing the items. Clearly display all contents.

    Any DOA items must be clearly documented.