Inferno HellFire Indo Gold Torch

Inferno Hellfire Indo Gold Torch Torch
Inferno Hellfire Indo Gold Torch Torch
Inferno Hellfire Indo Gold Torch Torch
Inferno Hellfire Indo Gold Torch Torch

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Behold the Inferno HellFire Indo Gold Torch! This coral torch is the perfect addition to any reef tank, with its eye-catching yellow green tentacle and bright green tip. Set your tank ablaze with the Indo Gold Torch and watch in awe as your aquatic paradise comes alive! 🔥

Please Note: Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between individual specimen

*Multiple Polyp items are larger than Single Polyps, and not guaranteed to be able to be cut into separate Single Polyp frags. 

*If ordering 3+ Polyps, items are priced to be cheaper with more polyps purchased. Multiple Polyps may be provided on a single or multiple Frag plugs.

Torch coral is a wonderful addition to any reef tank, their long wavy tentacles and striking colors are sure to add live action that mesmerizes. Torches are part of the Euphyllia family, they are an LPS (Large Polyp Stony) coral that rely heavily on high PAR light and consistent levels of Calcium, Alkalinity, and some Magnesium to flourish. They are less hardy than other live corals and will get affected by bad water quality with high levels of Nitrate and Phosphate. Torch corals for sale in Corals Anonymous are much sought out as they are affordable corals in comparison to other stores and offer a wider variety. Make sure to check out our other live online corals for sale and some great deals we’ve got going, happy reefing!

Level: Intermediate Reefer
Light: High PAR (150+)
Water Flow: Moderate to High

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