Aussie Gold Torch

Aussie Gold Torch Torch

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Aussie Gold Torch

The elusive Aussie Gold torch is highlighted by their fat heads and tentacles and prominent gold.

Australian torches are known for their survivability, bright colors, and higher rarity over some of their Asian counterparts.  They make a great addition to any tank looking for more diversity.  Make sure to give them some space from your other non-Aussie euphyllia!

Please keep in mind that due to variances in species, your item may not appear exactly like the one pictured. Individual specimens' approximate size ranges may also differ.

*Multiple Polyp items are larger than Single Polyps, and not guaranteed to be able to be cut into separate Single Polyp frags. 

*If ordering 3+ Polyps, items are priced to be cheaper with more polyps purchased. Multiple Polyps may be provided on a single or multiple Frag plugs.

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